Foo Fighters - Walking After You
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Foo Fighters - Walking After You

Things just won’t do without you, matter of fact

Waaaaa. Ako na inggit. :| Mabibili din kita. Pramis! =)

Waaaaa. Ako na inggit. :| Mabibili din kita. Pramis! =)


Nearly a month after the No-Smoking in Public Places Policy was implemented on May 30, over 6,154 smokers have been apprehended by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), reports Manila Bulletin. On July 1, when the ban is fully implemented, violators will be fined P500 or will render eight hours of community service.

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Sana totoo na’to. 


i know, another paranoid android cover. but this is by 36 youtube artists from all over the world. too awesome to not share.



#mymusicalsoulmate!! :)


#mymusicalsoulmate!! :)

Pwede tayong mag-piko. Pato mo ang aking puso at ‘wag mong aapakan ‘to. Kung ika’y aking mahuli, ‘di ko ka’gad masasabi kung ano ang una kong gagawin sa’yo. Kung ika’y maaabutan, hinding hindi ka bibitawan. Kasi kanina pa tayo naghahabulan
Ang Bandang Shirley (Patintero/Habulan/Larong Kalye)
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Lost Together (Alternate Take)

Here’s an earlier take of Lost Together. This is Take 1, (the one used in the album was Take 2).

It’s almost the same as the album version, but little bits and pieces are different here and there which makes this one interesting — The verse melody is a little different and undeveloped yet. The singing is more subdued. And notice the double-tracking* which I later reverted back to a single vocal track to give a more earnest and sincere vibe.

*Double-tracking is a recording technique where you record the same melody twice, to make the sound fuller and thicker.

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Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum